"Through your guidance and the energetic healing I received from your four angels I have been able to let go of anger that I had been hanging onto since childhood... I was able to have a conversation with my mother and I didn't feel anger toward her. I am planning on seeing her this week and I'm actually looking forward to it."

~ MJ

"Thanks so much for your hospitality during our stay in your slice of paradise. More thanks for your wisdom and encouragement and especially for the opportunity to experience those wonderful horses and their intuitive wisdom. From one healer to another, I salute your efforts."

~ Dave, Brain Surgeon


"John is a highly skilled intuitive coach who brings genuine authenticity into the coaching process. His gentle guidance allows his clients to open their hearts. He creates an environment of trust and safety that facilitates deep healing." 

 ~ Carolyn

"Your presence and patience is a true gift. You completely connect with the client and hear what they are saying and also what they are not saying. You are a true healer." 

 ~ Debra


"I typically feel more comfortable working with women, however John has the ability to put people at ease and feel safe. His gentle spirit and genuine acceptance allowed me to open and work on releasing anger that needed releasing."

~ Lotitia

"John and his fuzzy friends have allowed me to walk free from anger, sadness and self ridicule that has plagued me almost all my life. John is an amazing coach healer & mentor as well whom I recommend to anyone needing true change in their life."

~ Anthony


"John has big shoulders and a big heart. He's insightful kind and a great listener, I highly recommend him as a coach, mentor, and healer." 

 ~ Herb