Life mastery coach, EGCM practitioner, and entrepreneur John Schonewill is here to help guide clients to their inner champion so they can transform their lives and discover their true life's purpose partnering with horses who have incredible insight into healing and transformation.

"The most powerful warriors are the ones who conquer themselves"

 ~ Kung Fu

John provides an environment of coaching in the present moment that allows an individual to find the courage to go within, bring awareness to their emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, heal their hearts and find their path to self mastery.

Pain into Power

After retiring from 30 years as an entrepreneur in the Alzheimer's Care business and searching for my true life's purpose, I was considering looking into life coaching. 

Out of curiosity, I attended a healing with horses weekend, having always loved being around horses. I gathered the courage to participate in a breakout session called "blasting through the heartwall." Working with the equine coach, and a majestic horse named Calvin, something profound happened.


I could feel the release of very strong stuck emotion in my chest that I had been carrying, somewhat unnoticed, for 44 years. My father was 46 when he passed of a sudden heart attack and I was 12 at the time.


I discovered that I had been operating from a reactive vs. proactive approach to my life in certain areas.

Additional info about John

I am a Colorado native born October 1958.

I grew up quickly after father's passing in 1970. I have 4 beautiful adult children and 1 grandson. I am married to the love of my life, Lisa.

This experience was profoundly healing and had a major impact on my well-being. I am convinced that this release and awareness saved me from following my father's path.

I then knew in my heart that I had found my life's purpose: partnering with these majestic beings to help others find their way to healing their hearts.

I've been a landscaper, auto mechanic, cable TV manager, national director of marketing and sales for a communications company, entrepreneur, visionary and business owner for 30 years in Alzheimer's care.

I love outdoor adventures, mountain climbing, camping, motorcycle riding, reading, and fitness, and volunteering with disabled children outdoors.

I am very family oriented, heart centered, connected to nature, into self-development since my early 20s and dedicated to living my best life on purpose and inspiring others to do the same.

My entire life I have been very connected to nature, animals, and babies. I feel that my strong connection has allowed me to be open, intuitive in many ways, and to feel my heart connection to others and all things.

People seem to be naturally drawn to me for life mastery advice as I am an attentive listener and it is my desire to inspire them to break free of their limiting beliefs, do the internal work, and find their inner champion.